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Located in Historic Montgomery, Goat Haus Biergarten is your German-inspired home away from home.

When you come to the Goat Haus, we want you to feel welcomed, relaxed, and know that you are in a place that truly cares about you and your well being. Welcome!

When you walk in, turn left to enter the bar (the red and orange rooms). You’ll order from the bar, sit where you’d like, and we’ll bring your drinks and food out to you.

Besides great craft beer, wines, ciders, nightly bites and weekend brunch, we offer a variety of ways to experience the biergarten -- inside on relaxing lounge chairs or on our tabletop bar stools, outside on our picnic benches, on our front porch in cafe chairs, or on the back porch overlooking downtown Montgomery. 

You'll notice that other than a handful of times a year (can you say March Madness?), there won't be TVs to distract you from starting up or joining a conversation.

If you want to just unplug by yourself, don't worry, there are plenty of places to just hang out and not be bothered. 

You do you goat, you do you.




(334) 625-9602



532 Clay Street
Montgomery, AL 36104



Sun-Tue Closed
W-F 4p–9p
Sa 9a–9p (Brunch til 2p)

Available for private/special events all other days.


Adam Warnke (L) and James Weddle (R) with Mayor Todd Strange

This picture was from opening night of Oktoberfest 2018 at the Goat Haus and the photo represents a culmination of a four year effort to fully launch the Goat Haus and the creative/entrepreneurial community that exists in Montgomery.

About the Goat Haus

Our mission at the Goat Haus Biergarten is provide our customers and our team with a great experience in every interaction. We believe that if our teammates our happy, our customers will be too…and vice versa. The two go hand-in-hand.

Creating those experiences is'n’t always easy — goats will be goats. To help us, we utilize a methodology one of our founders created to help us better listen to the goats (customers and teammates) to separate the good ideas from the bad ones.

That methodology, IDEAL, is based on principles the best startups and product development teams around the world use to launch market-leading solutions.

We love feedback! Not just on the food and service you received but, what ideas do you have to make the Goat Haus a better experience?

We strive to “do well” so we can “do good” in our community…to utilize the environment a biergarten creates to foster conversation and to help people connect with people they might not normally get a chance to meet and engage. Our underlying purpose for the communities we operate in is to attract local creatives and entrepreneurs and to help them bring their food, beer, art, music or product idea to fruition.

Communities that foster open and accessible spaces are much more likely to attract and retain creatives and entrepreneurs — the types of people that make cities like Austin, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Seattle what they are: vibrant and economically successful.

- James Weddle

Take a look around the community that considers the Goat Haus as their home away from home. You’ll see diversity in the people from their tastes in food and beer, their philosophical and religious beliefs, their ethnicity, their sexual orientations and identity, and, as the pictures show, even their tastes in fashion.

It is all good goats, it is all good.

Out of that diversity can come interesting conversations among people that likely would never meet otherwise. From there, who knows what might happen…maybe some understanding, a greater sense of trust across the community, a great idea or two…maybe even a new friendship.

This much is certain:

You are welcome here at the Goat Haus.


James Weddle and Adam Warnke

Check out what our favorite GOATs are saying on Yelp!

“I happened to be sitting near the register, so even before I got my food my mouth began to water as customer after customer kept telling the cashier how amazing their food was and how impressed they were.” - James F.

”Great place, great people, great atmosphere... I cannot wait to be back!” - Vanessa J.

”If you take a tour of the property, you can just feel the history soaked into those walls.” - Alexa C.

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